We are

Leaders in Lending


Founded in 2019

At Edenbridge Capital Limited, we believe access to quality credit is a right for everyone. We are here to help you when you need financial support. Let us рrоvіdе you with fіnаnсіаl ѕоlutіоnѕ for all уоur lending needs.

We strive to be the right partner for you.

/ Harun Mugendi ~ C.O.O

Our Corporate Culture

Stands Out From The Rest


Our Mission

To support our partners achieve what matters most to them by offering innovative and affordable financial solutions.

Our Core Values

These are our deeply held beliefs and ingrained principles that serve as our cultural cornerstones - guiding all of our actions.

  • Bold & Passionate
  • Respect to Humanity
  • Innovtiation
  • Dependable
  • Gregarious
  • Excellence

Our Vision

To provide access to affordable financial services.

What We Do

Loans. Financing. Insurance

We envision what could be and help make it a reality.

We pride ourselves on our quick and affordable logbook loans which are processed within six hours.
Our other products include import duty financing, business loans, all of which you can secure if you have a logbook in your name. In partnership with the leading insurance providers in Kenya, we offer a wide range of insurance products such as motor vehicle insurance, medical insurance, Work injury benefits act insurance (WIBA) and domestic insurance. We also offer a variety of guarantees ranging from bid bonds and performance bonds to advance payments guarantees.

Why Edenbridge Capital

Affordable Financing

Go further with Edenbridge Capital. We provide low cost loans that helps you to save money and clear your debts faster.

Why Edenbridge Capital

Flexible Terms

Our loans are designed to offer flexibility. Get a tailor-made repayment schedule that fits your income with an options for early repayment without penalties.

Why Edenbridge Capital

Quick Processing

Some emergencies can't wait. Which is why we understand the need to make the funds available to you as quickly as possible. We have turnaround times ranging from 1-6 hours.

Why Edenbridge Capital

Expert Advice

We ensure that we understand your goals, budget & situation to make sure you get the right loan or insurance product.

Why Edenbridge Capital


We discuss every aspect of your loan with you and ensure you understand the fine details.