Speak Up. Speak Out.


Edenbridge Capital Limited is committed to high ethical standards and fair business practices and has consequently established a code of ethics which set out the standard of conduct expected in the management of its business. All stakeholders are expected to comply with these standards in the discharge of their duties. In furtherance of this, we provide a channel for the staff and other stakeholders to raise concerns about unethical conduct in a confidential manner.


Report Incident

A whistleblower is expected to act in good faith, refrain from making false accusations and provide further evidence at his/her disposal to aid investigation of the issues reported.

Personnel/Staff(s) involved
Malpractice Details


The Process

Once a concern is received, it will be assessed and where warranted, an investigation will be commenced. A report on the findings will be presented and in consultation with management and the board, appropriate action will be taken. In case the whistle blower wishes to get feedback on the outcome, they will be appropriately updated.

What can be reported?

Reportable misconduct covered under the whistle blower policy include but is not limited to: –

  1. All forms of financial malpractices or impropriety such as fraud, corruption, bribery, theft, forgery, misappropriation of funds and concealment;
  2. Failure to comply with policies, legal obligations, statutes, and regulatory directives;
  3. Actions detrimental to Health and Safety or the Environment;
  4. Any form of criminal activity;
  5. Improper conduct or unethical behavior that undermines Edenbridge Capital Limited core values of Integrity, Diligence, Customer Focus and Stewardship.
  6. Other forms of corporate governance breaches;
  7. Connected transactions not disclosed or reported in line with regulations;
  8. Non-disclosure of conflict of interest;
  9. Sexual or physical abuse of staff, customers, service providers and other stakeholders
  10. Attempt to conceal any of the above listed acts.

Is the confidentiality of the Whistleblower guaranteed?

It shall be the policy of Edenbridge Capital Limited to protect whistleblowers who disclose concerns. All concerns will be treated with confidentiality and every effort made not to reveal the whistleblower’s identity. However, whilst making all reasonable efforts to maintain confidentiality, in some instances, Edenbridge Capital Limited may be required by law to disclose certain information. This will be discussed with the whistleblower at the time.