Business Loans
Business loans in Kenya are designed to help small and microbusiness owners increase their working capital. It is a loan product for established business owners who need a dependable loan facility to expand their operations.

We understand that you have a vision and a mission to expand and develop your business, and that financing may be a major roadblock to your success. As a result, we at Edenbridge Capital have devised a solution to the annoyance you may feel when dealing with conventional financial institutions that have rigid regulations, terms, and conditions.

We offer a smart, scalable, and customized finance solution to help your business grow, allowing you to concentrate on the more practical aspects of your business growth. Regardless of the size or existence of your business, we want to tailor our financial solutions to suit your needs.

The benefits of taking up a business loan with us:

•Flexible security requirements
•Affordable with no hidden charges
•You have a flexible and reasonable loan repayment period
•Your loan is processed quickly
Frequently asked Questions On Business Loans

Business loans in Kenya are important because they provide resources and capital to financially underserved business owners who are unable to obtain conventional bank checking accounts, lines of credit, or loans.

It encourages company owners to invest in their companies and, as a result, in themselves in order to expand their companies.


Business loans can be used in a number of ways by the business owner in Nairobi or corporation It is strongly advisable to have a plan in place before applying for one to avoid misusing the loan. Edenbridge Capital’s short-term credit is intended to help you tackle a short-term problem and should not be used and try to solve a long-term debt problem.

The following are some examples of how a person or a corporation may use an Edenbridge Capital business loan:

  • A business loan can assist in the purchase of inventory, allowing the company to replenish its stock and materials, purchase furniture, fixtures, and equipment, or test out new products in the market with the goal of expanding the company.
  • It may assist with the procurement of new equipment or machinery for the company.
  • Keeping up with day-to-day business expenses like buying electricity and paying bills like rent, among other items, helps to keep operating costs in check.
  • Debt refinancing and/or redemption by the firm
  • Marketing helps the company to expand by allowing it to advertise and attract new customers. Marketing is one of the best ways to develop your brand, whether it’s through social networking, emails to clients and potential clients, events, or more conventional paid media such as television, radio, and billboards.
  • Open or set up a new location for your business enabling your business to expand in order to reach a wide range of clientele in other locations.

6 Hours

  • Maintain control of your business

Unlike borrowing equity (where a company issues stock), a business loan from Edenbridge Capital gives you complete leverage over your company. We don’t get involved in any aspect of running your company, so you keep complete control and management over your operations and decisions while still reaping the financial benefits.

  • Convenience and ease of access

It’s simple to get in touch with our team at Edenbridge Capital and explore your options for securing a business loan online. This simplicity and accessibility can be immensely helpful to companies, as our team is always available to provide sound advice on the different choices available to you.

This saves you time when you have an immediate financial need, rather than having to wait for earnings from your company to expand before reinvesting them, which can take a long time.

  • The profits from your business will all be yours

The majority of company owners take out business loans in order to grow their companies or move in a new direction. This indicates that they want to increase the profitability of their companies. There will be an expectation of return on any investment you make as a company if you get money by borrowing equity. The success of your company would be directly proportional to the amount of money they earn in exchange.

  • Disbursement of quick loans under urgency

The financial crisis is inherently volatile because it can strike at any moment and without warning. We will provide you with stable funds in a time of need to meet your company’s financial needs.

Loan Requirements
We shall generally require that you support you application for a loan with the following documents:
For Sole Proprietors and Partnerships:
•Certificate of registration for the business
•National Identification Card (ID) for Kenyan Citizens and a passport for non-citizens
•Passport size photograph
•Residential Address confirmation for all signatories if a partnership
•The businesses or partnerships physical address confirmation
•Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) PIN
•Certified bank statements for at least six months (6 months)
•Business records
•Business license
For Limited Companies:
•Certified banks statements for 6 months
•Company certificate of compliance if not locally incorporated
•Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
•Companies PIN Certificate
•Identification Card copy for Directors of the company and all signatories
•PIN certificate copies of each director
•Resolution to borrow for companies
•Passport size photographs of each director
•Sketch map area of residence and business premises
How Much Do You Need
Min loan amount - Kshs 100,000
Max Loan Amount - Kshs 10,000,000
Max Repayment Period - 12 Months


We recognize that many individuals, small and medium companies, and other organizations have the ability to succeed and expand but lack the capital needed to do so. As a result, our capable team is readily available to provide advice and analysis, as well as a range of customized solutions to meet your needs as a business entity in less than 6 hours. At Edenbridge we have a world-class customer experience.

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