Simplify Collection, Unlock Quick Loans

Landlord/lady Loans

Are you a landlord/lady wishing to expand? Have you been receiving stable rental income? Whatever your expansion needs are, Zidisha Rent is tailored just for you. We have partnered with Silqu, a propoerty management company, to make this possible.

The Zidisha Rent product is designed to help you get the most out of your rental properties. Leverage them to expand your estate, meet your financial obligations and grow your investments.

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Collections made easy

Automate and simplify the rent collection process

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Stay on top of Utility Payments

Make the management of utility and service charges easier

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Fill vacant units faster

Find tenants quicker with your property being prominently listed


Loan Amount

Borrow several times your rental income


The loan is backed against your rental income

Quick Processing

Get the funds you need within just 6 hours