After being in business for a couple of years, it’s highly likely that business evolves. You either have a 360 degree evolve or fine tune some aspects of the business, improve others while perfecting others. For any business this is quite normal. Often times any business owner can choose to remain the same size and offer the same services forever. However, we saw the need to grow and not only grow locally but with the focus of competing and earning our place globally. We have built trust with our current customers and with the re-brand, we are simply telling YOU that you can continue trusting us as YOUR financial partner and you can only expect better and greater all round. We have always known that a time will come when the need to grow in great depths will come. With only four years in business this is a big leap. Our customers and prospect customers have always asked our presence in various locations that we are currently not present. Often times the questions were always similar, do you have offices in location A? Can I receive your services even if I’m located in location B? Do you offer products C, D,E? Why are you not available in this and that place? The questions were nudges and suggestions and the need for us to grow were endless. At first we thought this was not immediately necessary. As it turns out, these were people who believe in us so much that it was just not making sense why we are not everywhere they were asking or offering the products they kept inquiring about. This is when the idea to re-brand was born. Not only does it reflect the new Edenbridge Capital but also the zeal and excitement we have for the future, as we expand and introduce new products while offering you quality, affordable products.


The Impact of a Brand

A brand is more than a logo – most people understand that now. A new logo or color palette is just a single, tactical element of your entire brand experience. A brand is really a company’s ability to tell its story based on their corporate strategy.

We believe brand influences and reflects everything from operations to sales to internal company culture. A brand refresh is a rare opportunity to further align employees, activities and operations.


Why the Rebrand

The decision to rebrand is not one to be taken lightly. Rebranding takes courage. There are a lot of moving parts involved, from the risk of the rebrand flopping, to involving stake holders and the cost that comes with it. 

Every year, we review our brand. We look at what makes us different and where we stand in the marketplace. As we were assessing our business and brand at the end of 2022, we noticed three things:

One, our service and product offerings have greatly increased from since we first begun.

Two, our target client base has widened and the financial solutions they were looking for were greater in number.

Three, we saw a shift in the industry and competition. Our impressive 4-year journey had led to us being one of the foremost private lenders in the country.

There was a need for our brand to reflect this new reality.

For this reason, as we turn four, we will be making changes. We are not only a brand, but a financial partner that offers affordable financial solutions to our customers. We are people of integrity, we are warm and we offer service beyond value. We decided to work on visual identity as a fundamental communication tool for this new positioning, and really build out the “breath of fresh air” idea from a concept, to a feeling.

Our new logo depicts where we are headed as an institution, we want to continue offering premium service, affordable and innovative while supporting YOU our customer achieve what matters most to you, with a global edge.

Mr. Reuben Kimani

Note from the MD

“This had been a long-time coming. If you’ve been following the Edenbridge Capital story, you know we have grown exponentially over the last three years. We did so well during covid-19 period that saw us expand to different locations in the middle of a pandemic. The fact is that I knew this was coming. I knew that this process would likely be underway soon, and quite frankly, it felt like a good idea to invest into a brand identity that focuses on helping our customers achieve what matters to them and give them a platform that they can grow and experience global exposure.  In addition, 2021 was a huge year for us in terms of growth as a team, as well as taking on new clients and introducing new products and M.O.U’s like Roto tank, BMG Holdings and Silqu. 

As we continue to grow, I knew that the bigger a brand gets, the trickier a rebrand becomes. It feels like planting a tree – the further down the roots go, the harder it’s going to be, to re-home that tree someday. As we headed towards the closure of the year 2022, we continued to grow and our customers trust and faith in us showed, with numerous questions on availability in different locations and comparison with international brands doing well in the industry, it felt like the right time to dive into this. Not to mention the great team of team leaders that I can confidently trust to run the business as I focus on the expansion of Edenbridge Capital. So, I set a deadline for March 1, 2023 and shifted focus so I could be fully invested in this rebrand. 

I’m truly excited to what the future looks for us as a company and to you our customers who stand to benefit the most. We love what we do and we always create value for You to be able to propel your business and achieve what matters most to you.”

The Future

What does it look like moving foward

As overwhelming and risky this is, we are excited and confident in the re-brand. This gives us a new leash and trust that we will always Listen and Deliver.

In sum, we feel that we have achieved the goal with our new logo: marking a change from a promising, diligent startup with an innovative business model, to a mature, modern and innovative company in the financial space with an extremely bright future.  

Our mission and vison remain the same with new core values that help us serve you our customer better and also give you an opportunity to experience premium services with a global competitive edge. Look out for more fulfilment centers opening throughout the year, more products and service beyond value.


#FourAndBetter #EBCAtFour

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